The Aftermath

By Mike July 31, 2015

As you may very well know if you read yesterday’s post, it was my birthday! I didn’t do anything very extravagant, it was all quite simple actually. My friends and I had a little party over at their house, drank a few beers and kicked back and relaxed.

I’m actually glad that we didn’t go crazy and it was all so low key because I needed to wake up at a decent time and get to work on some things here around the house. So I’m thankful that I got out of the house and celebrated a little bit with my friends and did so without waking up feeling like crap.

I really kind of told myself that I wasn’t going to drink for realĀ and just keep it down to a reasonable amount. I think I only drank two beers, actually! That’s because while I wanted to see my friends and make a reasonably memorable experience, I didn’t want to get out of the great rhythm I’ve been in at home and work.

Finally, some of the things I’ve been needing to take care of are starting to become natural to me and not burn up so much energy! I’m settling right in to blogging as well, it’s almost automatic after getting up and finishing my breakfast.

So I’m also thankful for that. Finally some of my work is starting to pay off, and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! I was getting a little bit flustered about a week ago, I might add.

It seemed like everything was piling up more and more and I couldn’t decide where to start. That’s how life works though, really. All you have to do is just pick one task, see it through to the end, and then pick another. All other things that pop up in your mind can be jotted down on a notepad or something, but nothing else!

Not until that first task is complete. Pick up the first task, work on it until complete. Pick another task, work on it until it’s finished, and go to another. Rinse and repeat.

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