Today I’m Thankful For…

By Mike July 30, 2015

Today was a smooth enough day, other than getting caught in the rain in the middle of my afternoon jog today! It was okay, though. It actually gave me a good reason to keep jogging all the way home without stopping!

Today I’m thankful for my health and the fact that my issues with it are few. I have a few issues with my left foot, really small issues really. It’s caused a little bit of pain in my left knee. What happens is having a flat foot changes your gait.

Eventually it shoots up to your knee because your entire axis is a little off kilter. After it hangs out there for a while and develops, it can then start to climb up to your hip and even cause problems in your spine. Given time to develop, it can give you some serious pain in the future.

So one thing I need to make myself do is specific exercises for strengthening weak arches. I’m also thankful for my great family who has allowed me to live with them several times in the past, before I got on my feet and found a good job after college.

My grandparents may be a little bit, how should I say… Grumpy at times, but it’s because they’ve been through a lot in their time. Nowadays my Grandpa is starting to have issues with his feet, he had a case of slow gangrene that occurred due to the loss of blood flow in his toes.

He just got operated on and actually had a toe amputated, but he’s going to be okay and keep his mobility. So I’m also thankful for the fact that he’s going to be okay and keep his legs.

I’m also thankful that I woke up today and did some of the things I needed to, like take a run and get started on some of the remodeling projects around the house. Finally, I’m finishing that final cote on all my trim around the house!

So that’s it for today, until tomorrow morning!

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