Monthly Archives: August 2015

Locked And Loaded

by Mike August 7, 2015

Hey there, journal. I was just sitting here thinking about the excuses I make subconsciously that undermine my success in lots of ways, and try to make me just downright miserable. My mentor Theresa told me about how making excuses keeps you blind to all of the business opportunities and ideas you may have waiting […]

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Shining Bright

by Mike August 4, 2015

Hello again, world. I woke up a bit late today because it felt so darn good to just keep on sleeping! I had been fading in and out of reality, comfortably numb if you will.

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These Two Hands

by Mike August 3, 2015

Hello again blog journal. Today I’m getting started on my personal work a little later than usual, but it’s for a good reason so I don’t need to get all worried about it!

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Today Is A Good Day

by Mike August 2, 2015

Today just really started for me, but I’m already thinking about some of the things that make me really lucky in this life. I got up automatically at an earlier time than usual, which made me really happy. 

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Moving On

by Mike August 1, 2015

Hello again, journal. Today I woke up feeling pretty good, just a little bit groggy. But I got my work done and it all went pretty smoothly despite a few little emergency distractions. I’m thankful that finally, I’m learning the things I need to do at work. They’re starting to become pretty automatic.

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