Locked And Loaded

By Mike August 7, 2015

Hey there, journal. I was just sitting here thinking about the excuses I make subconsciously that undermine my success in lots of ways, and try to make me just downright miserable. My mentor Theresa told me about how making excuses keeps you blind to all of the business opportunities and ideas you may have waiting for you.

I recognize this effect taking place in my everyday life. I’m not here to say I’m thankful for that, guys. What I’m saying is that I’m very, very thankful for the ability to see and feel these effects. I’m so glad I’m aware of their presence, and the fact that I admit they exist.

That’s really the first step on the road to redemption, isn’t it? Being open-minded and aware of your own faults and weaknesses, as well as your own insecurities.

So I’m just thankful that my mind is real with me, that I can see the things I do poorly or even wrong clearly. It allows me to get centered and honest with myself, ready to slap myself around a little bit if I start acting like a wimp or like somebody owes me something.

Nobody owes me anything in this world. Not my parents, not my grandparents. Not even the governing bodies truly owe me anything. If I lack something, it’s my own problem and something that I need to fix myself.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m grateful for being able to be totally honest with myself and make a change in the way I see and do things.

Changes are so hard for many folks, we sit around and make so many stupid excuses why we want, need, MUST stay precisely the same way we are. And that, folks is just plain boring.

Thankfully, I love change. I crave it even. This is not only an internal thing with me, but something that I carry out into the world around me.

If I get stuck in any place for any given time with no option of changing the scenery or killing the monotony, I feel like I’m dwindling away.

So bring on the change! I love it.

See you next time.

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