Moving On

By Mike August 1, 2015

Hello again, journal. Today I woke up feeling pretty good, just a little bit groggy. But I got my work done and it all went pretty smoothly despite a few little emergency distractions. I’m thankful that finally, I’m learning the things I need to do at work. They’re starting to become pretty automatic.

So I’m happy to say that I can learn new tricks! Just when I was starting to think that my brain energy was done for. You see, I quit my last job about a month ago and I’ve been in the process of getting better at what I do at my new job, which has to do with managing business accounts. There’s a lot of software involved because people are always looking to make it easier for themselves and others.

So much software that it all gets a little bit flustering. And since I’m the head of my department, it’s up to me to decide which software and data sharing applications our company uses. Not only that, but I have to teach the newer employees about these tools!

As you can imagine, it does get a little bit crazy at times. I have to refrain from getting angry and or punching the computer screen when things happen that I didn’t intend. But I never punch the screen, I never do it. That’s why I’m thankful for my God given patience. Not only with people, but with technology which seems to test us even more.

When it’s another person standing in front of us, we have a tendency to control our passions a little bit better, because we’re worried about upsetting the other person. The person generally tries not to ruin our day as well, so if things are taking longer than usual at a help desk let’s say, they’ll keep you feeling calm with little reassurances like “Sorry, it’ll just be a moment longer.” 

Computers and machines however, don’t seem to share that human connection. They even seem to be aware of their coldness, I swear the ATM at my bank is out to get the better of me!

I’m also very grateful for my ability to grasp new concepts and make them my own. Pretty soon, I’ll be well on my way to getting end of year bonus checks from heading my department. And that’s going to be sweet, ladies and gentlemen!

So that’s it for being thankful today! See you again tomorrow for the next journal entry.

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