Shining Bright

By Mike August 4, 2015

Hello again, world. I woke up a bit late today because it felt so darn good to just keep on sleeping! I had been fading in and out of reality, comfortably numb if you will.

Over the years, I’ve made my bedroom into the ultimate zen palace. Everything is very simple and modern so as not to call too much attention.

That way, I’m not easily distracted from my work or chores during the day. So there’s something I can immediately be thankful for. The fact that I have a little corner of the world to call my own is something that makes me infinitely happy.

I’ve been there before, you know. Sleeping on a friend’s couch or even having to share a bedroom. These things happen in the life of a middle class person. And honestly, it makes life more interesting.

I think I would have grown up a jerk if I was born into a wealthy family and handed everything from infancy. So there’s something else I can say I’m thankful for: having gone through life on an imperfect path, often with very little in the way of material things to help me along the way.

This has made me into a more resilient and much stronger person. I’ve even been so poor that I had very little to eat for weeks. I remember once that I ate so much Ramen, that I couldn’t stand the sight of it anymore, much less the smell.

So I’m also thankful that I’ve gotten serious about following my dreams, and more specifically that I’m focused on being more successful and making a decent living during my time in this world.

It seemed for so long that I was lost, like nothing made sense to me. I didn’t understand my purpose in this world, at least not the purpose society tried so thoughtlessly to create for me. Therefore, I’m thankful that I always had that voice that told me that 95% of what the “system” tells you about yourself and your life is hocus pocus.

I’ve always been a free thinker and opposed to allowing strong religious beliefs to cloud my judgement. The best source of judgement in decision making situations is yourself.

Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise, not the law, not your parents, and most of all not the schools.

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