These Two Hands

By Mike August 3, 2015

Hello again blog journal. Today I’m getting started on my personal work a little later than usual, but it’s for a good reason so I don’t need to get all worried about it!

I helped my mom clean off her back porch first thing this morning. She had been needing to take care of this for a while, so it made her happy to finally get this project done.

And I’m glad I could be part of it all! We basically just did some very simple little things, for instance reorganized and moved around some of the outdoor furniture and then washed the deck.

There were a few older pieces of furniture that had been falling apart due to being outside, and we went ahead and tossed a few of those away, including an old rug that didn’t smell very good. (Darn cats!)

So the moral behind all of this is that I’m thankful today for realizing projects that were needing to be done. It’s all like water, you can’t let it stop flowing or everything grows stagnant.

I’m also thankful for these two hands, and the ability to help others. I still have my health at the very least, and I can do the things that need to be done around the house and others’ houses.

There are so many who don’t have their physical strength anymore, or who have even seen the end of their health and are in a slow decline. I know that someday I’ll be going down the same path. And even though I accept my fate of slowly dwindling away one day, I’m thankful as hell that it’s not my time yet.

Now to buckle down and get back some of the time I lost while helping out. I’ve only got a few hours to take care of some really important things here at home before I go and do some other really important things!

It’s all so important! So there’s another one, I’m thankful that I can truly appreciate the importance of some of my daily little tasks.

Until next time, blog journal.

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