Today Is A Good Day

By Mike August 2, 2015

Today just really started for me, but I’m already thinking about some of the things that make me really lucky in this life. I got up automatically at an earlier time than usual, which made me really happy. 

I’ve been driven lately, driven by success and the things that I want and know will come to me in this life. I’m thankful for that breath of life I had been waiting for.

You see, I’m a really mutable kind of person. One day I can have all the drive in the world to get out there and achieve my dreams, even a little sickened that I haven’t made it farther in the things I want to be come to fruition.

So I get all puffed up, just like a puffer fish and doa million things in one day. It seems like I just can’t get enough sometimes. I start a task, totally rock the casbah and finish the hell out of it, and then immediately bounce off the momentum I’ve already built and hit the next task running.

Then when I suddenly come crashing to a halt at the end of my work for the day, I keep looking for more to do. I really seems like I just can’t get enough. Like a bull in a china shop, I just keep looking for more little tea cups with delicate handles to destroy with my horns and pure freaking muscle.

Then there comes a lull. It seems like I get lost in myself for a few days, even a few weeks, and productivity more or less comes to a halt. Even the things I normally consider to come naturally seem like torture almost.

I keep calm, knowing that I’ll get another breath of fresh air so to speak. I know there will be that next big push, that my throttle will be wide open again and flying down the metaphorical highway of achieving my dreams.

And well, finally that moment has come (again). And Just in the nick of time, guys. Seriously, I thought I was going to go crazy waiting for the next big burst of energy. So what I need to do now is learn to cultivate and control these bursts of nitrous oxide straight to my problem solving mechanism.

So although I’m thankful, oh so thankful for this return to the better things about myself, I have a mission to accomplish. I need to cancel out a lot of the variables in this experiment and learn to follow a more specific type of routine (within reason).

I know there is a lot of great potential in me, I just have to learn how to control it. And I will, Starting today.

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